Travels Through the World

Welcome to “Travels Through The World!”

The 2012 version of me is completely unrecognizable: stuck in a job I hated, dating a man that was…it just wasn’t a good situation. Sometimes you can just compromise a little on your dreams, and after a few compromises in a row you realize that you’ve created a terrible life for yourself. It wasn’t on purpose…it just happened.

I don’t know what the epiphany was. Maybe the Mayan 2012 Apocalypse prophecy, or just looking at myself in the mirror, but I realized that things had to change. I’d never left my home country of Canada. I’d never seen the world.

Enter: TravelsThroughtheWorld.com

Here I will be blogging about my journeys throughout the world. I will be meeting new and exciting people, trying new foods and seeing new sights. There really is more to life than what you are experiencing right now.

If you’re like I was just a few months ago, I want to tell you this: you can change. All those chains you believe are holding you down are not nearly as heavy as you think they are. Once you cast them off and decide to be happy, you will be eternally grateful.

3 Things made me realize that I really could change my life:

  • CouponHoster.org – This website’s guides helped me realize that I could create a website cheaply and easily.
  • Nerd Fitness – Steve decided to go on a trip around the world on no budget and blog about it. While I’ll be opting for hotels instead of hostels & camping, I can use AAA Discounts to not spend a lot on accommodations.
  • My Mom. She just rocks.