Have you ever heard of Potato Bread?

It is one of the most amazing foods in the entire world. Now, if you’re from the West Coast of Canada, then you have likely never tried potato bread (which is a crying shame!).

Here in Canada we have something called ‘potato bread’, but it’s total monstrosity: it’s regular bread with potato flavouring added to it.

It’s a true monstrosity.


Potato Bread (sometimes called ‘potato scones’ in Scotland) is a Northern Irish food made from potatoes. First, you boil potatoes, mash them, add a bit of flour, and then flatten them into triangle shapes. Then you fry them up with your breakfast (normally).

It’s one of the most beautiful things in the entirety of human existence. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to on my trip. Well, that and ‘finding myself’. But both are of equal importance to me. Let’s not kid ourselves here!

Anyway, if you have an Irish or Scottish relative, get them to fry some up for you. They all know how to do it. Or you can look up a recipe. Just make sure that the recipe’s picture of the potato bread is triangular and looks like the picture on this post. It’ll be your new favourite food!

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