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hawaiian pineapple

So it Turns Out I’ve Never Had Fruit Before. I thought I had. But, like travelling in first class after a flight mix-up, I can never go back to regular […]

ethnic food

A Rant on the phrase “Ethnic Foods” I always feel weird saying ‘ethnic foods’. It feels offensive somehow. I’m currently travelling around the world and eating all these new dishes […]

kona coffee cherries on the branch

What’s Your Favourite Beverage? Mine is coffee. It’s the absolute top of my list. First thing in the morning, up until the early afternoon, I usually have a cup of […]


Have you ever heard of Potato Bread? It is one of the most amazing foods in the entire world. Now, if you’re from the West Coast of Canada, then you […]

Tim Hortons Dingle Ireland

Distinctly Canadian Things in…Ireland? One of my first visits was a very small town in Dingle. Dingle is located on a peninsula on the very south-west corner of Ireland. If […]

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